Sleep Apnea & Your Relationship

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A good night’s rest is imperative for a healthy and successful relationship. Too often, couples have all the right reasons to achieve a solid slumber, yet if one person in the bed has a sleep disorder, all sorts of chaos may ensue. One person in the relationship may have to sleep in another bedroom, as their snoring and sleep apnea is overwhelming to their partner. Dentists and sleep specialists treat these problems each and every day.

Sleep Is Essential

There are night owls who work days and get to bed by midnight, and then there are the people who work late shifts and have to sleep during the day, yet the styles and habits of everyone can change and can affect your relationship. If you were to forego sleep altogether, the consequences far outweigh your reasons for never sleeping. Being too busy or living on roughly three hours of sleep, these are a few reasons that are perilous to every aspect of your life, including healthy partnerships. Just as water is necessary to thrive, sleep is essential to communicate effectively and to make sound decisions. Both are necessary for relationships.

The Top Two Reasons Your Partner Sleeps in Another Room

  1. Snoring – It’s not uncommon for a relatively healthy relationship to undergo dramatic shifts when one partner is loud and gasping throughout the night. Oftentimes, the non-snoring person will opt to sleep in another room to achieve a decent night’s rest. In addition to their partner sleeping elsewhere, the snoring sufferer will have to deal with irritability the following day, lack of energy for work or activities, possible depression, an inability to focus on tasks, and the overall bickering that being separated from your loved one can bring. Snoring causes major problems.
  2. Sleep apnea – This is a condition that is often precipitated by snoring, and involves gasping for air intermittently throughout the night due to an obstructed airway. It’s very uncomfortable for the person experiencing sleep apnea, and also disruptive for the person sleeping next to them. The cessations of breathing can happen dozens of times in an hour, causing the sufferer to lose sleep and their bed partner to worry. Headaches, frequent trips to the bathroom at night, memory problems, mood swings, choking at night, each of these will send your partner into another room for the duration of the evening.

What Can You Do?

Fortunately, there are treatments for both snoring and sleep apnea. You don’t have to go through life worrying whether your relationship is on the tracks due to lack of sleep by either person. It’s important to be familiar with the warning signs in order to receive appropriate care before the sleep condition becomes more serious. Every aspect of your life depends on quality sleep, therefore how you function within a relationship also depends on feeling rested and restored after a night of slumber.

Give Dr. Michelle Aldrich of Riverbend Sleep your questions and concerns. Our Salem dentist understands the significant health effects of foregoing a decent evening of sleep. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Aldrich and restore your positive sleeping habits with your partner.

Sleep & Your Health

Quality sleep is required for good health!



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